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Running this Tutorial

You can run the notebooks directly in Google Colab, download them to run on your own Jupyter/JupyterLab instance, or simply browse the HTML snapshot.

Online HTML Version

This collection of notebooks can be viewed as HTML snapshots at

At any point, you can click on the rocket icon (top right of the page) and select Colab to open the notebook you are viewing in Google Colab. launching colab

Running on Google Colab

Requires a google account.

Brainome runs on the popular Google Colab

How To…

  • Open and log into

  • Select File menu | Open notebook

  • Select GitHub tab

  • Search for brainome

  • Select brainome/jupyter repository main branch

  • Select brainome_100_index.ipynt to run a notebook instance running on colab

Running locally using Docker Desktop

Requires git and docker desktop

How To…

From a command line terminal:

git clone

cd jupyter

docker-compose up --build